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    We secure improved wages, hours, working conditions and other economic advantages through organization, negotiations and collective bargaining.

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    Teamsters Local union No. 284 is a labor organization dedicated to representing working people in Columbus, Ohio and surrounding communities.

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    We are a miscellaneous and industrial Union representing members working in numerous industries including airline, brewery and soft drink, bakery, building trades and construction, freight, warehousing and public sector.
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    Brothers and Sisters,

    As you know, we have shared our Union Hall (555 E. Rich St.) with Teamsters Local 413 since the 1970s. The Union Hall has always been jointly operated by these two Locals through a building corporation.

    Without notice to us, Local 413 has solicited an offer to sell the Union Hall. The offer was reviewed by our Executive Board and unanimously rejected.

    That offer was for $1.35M. Three days after our Executive Board voted to reject that offer, the offer was raised to $1.8M.

    Local 284’s leadership is against this offer, and here are some of the reasons:

    1. Our Union Hall is paid for and has no mortgage.
    2. The Hall is centrally and conveniently located for all members.
    3. Most importantly, absolutely no consideration was given to the detrimental impact on Local 284’s ability to represent the members, depriving them of a very adequate facility which has served its purpose very well over the years.
    4. We would NEVER sell our property without Local Executive Board and 284 Membership approval.

    Local 284 and Local 413 are scheduled to hold a building corporation meeting on Sept. 24, 2020, to discuss these events.

    Before then, please MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD and submit your comments to Local 284 President Mark Vandak at, or post them below.

    We will keep you informed of any new developments. Thank you!

    Please read Local 284's statement about the tragic death of George Floyd, and the right to assemble and demand action. Download: Local 284 George Floyd statement.pdf

    Fellow Teamsters,

    As Ohio and other states take steps to gradually reopen businesses and jump-start our economy, life may look different than before the COVID-19 pandemic. Barbershops, hair salons and restaurants may open their doors, but we will all still be required or encouraged to wear a facial covering. As Teamster members working in essential businesses, many of us already have to don face masks or PPE of some kind.

    While many of these products were back-ordered and suppliers were unable to keep up with demand due to a shortage of domestic manufacturers, masks are now becoming more available. Teamsters Local 284’s Executive Board approved the purchase of the facial covering shown here because of its commitment to protect the health and safety of our members and their families. Look for your facial covering in your mailbox this week!

    We support our fellow Teamsters and our community by continuing proper social distancing and using facial coverings as required. Stay safe!


    Teamsters Local 284 Executive Board

    All ballots have been counted, and the Vandak-Spahr Slate has won the majority.

    The individual results are:

    Mark Vandak: 694
    Gary Schoenian: 489

    Joe Spahr: 697
    Brian Behnke: 487

    Brian Basham: 695
    Andrew R. Kirk: 486

    Brian Barrowman: 695
    Norma Wagner-Barnes: 489

    TRUSTEES (3)
    Bill Merdeath: 693
    Fred Price: 692
    BJ Wilson: 685

    Shaun Brown: 492
    John Wolfe: 486
    Bryce Clark: 489

    The incumbents will begin a new three-year term on January 1, 2020.

    Thank you to everyone who participated in the election.

    Download: 20191114152712.pdf

    Local 284 and it’s Negotiating Committees were able to reach Tentative Agreements for both Sygma Warehouse and Drivers simultaneously. 

    After strike authorization was provided by members from both units, Local 284 obtained wage increases of $2.30/hour (Warehouse) and 11% (Drivers) over the life of the agreement in addition to Ratification bonuses for both.

    The Negotiating Committees for both groups maintained the current quality health insurance with very minimal increases over the life of the agreement for members and their families.

    Both Agreements contained NO concessions to the Company and several positive language changes for the membership.

    Congratulations to Sygma workers, Local 284, and the power of solidarity!

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